Shop Local – Mall of America



    WE DID IT! What a crazy 6 weeks it has been. Spending the holiday season at the Mall of America from 8 am – 10 pm for 30 days with 20 other Minnesota makers selling my handmade warmth was quite the challenge, but well worth it. I have had the opportunity to meet some absolutely wonderful buyers, makers, and friends. This post may be short, but there are not enough words to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of the help and support the last month. It was a huge milestone for Wool and Whiskey and something we are so proud of! If you took the time to come visit our space I can almost guarantee it was so nice to meet you. I absolutely love the Minnesota community and am so looking forward to next season, new products, and many pop ups around the Twin Cities! You are all THE BEST!

    I’ve decided to take a few months off of blogging and focus on stockpiling for next year. Please feel free to follow along the Spring and Summer travels and shoots on instagram and facebook!  I hope you enojoy the rest of the winter season, and I hope your Wool and Whiskey handmade warmth is keeping you cozy and warm!

    xo – Jessie



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